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Waco Should Have Sealed The Gun Debate A Long Time Ago

Recovered post and comments.

It’s always shocking to see that hours after a tragedy, such as Sandy Hook or the recent Las Vegas shooting, conspiracy theories pop up, focused on political goals rather than respecting the victims long enough for their final number to be established, at least.

What is known about the Las Vegas  shooting at the moment is that one crazy man opened fire on a crowd at a country music concert. A week before that, he had transferred a large sum abroad for his partner, which shows that this was likely premeditated well in advance.

And many things can be said regarding the deep divide the US is facing right now, spurred on by politicians, who seem to want to radicalise people by the hour. After all, politicians don’t usually suffer when regular people kill each other in the name of their ideologies.

However, this event is being exploited from a different angle as well.

This was a false flag, done so the deep state can take our guns, shouted Alex Jones and the like.

Human life, to some, is worth just as much as a few points scored towards pushing political propaganda.

It’s true that when a person with murderous intent is set on committing a heinous act, there are ways to go about it. They can, as has happened so many times recently, drive a lorry into a crowd.

Yet regardless of a person’s motive and the inability to completely prevent such an act, steps can be taken to limit access to powerful lethal weapons, such as firearms, which would at least prevent a lunatic from comfortably shooting from a balcony with no less than ten of them.

Paradoxically, as the US engages in a major effort to protect its borders from terrorists and religious fanatics, inside of those same borders, people with mental issues can buy guns and use them to commit mass murder. Such was the case of Elliot Rodger, who had already seen several psychiatrists for his issues, and was in the system as having psychological problems, yet had no problem purchasing firearms on the same day he used them to shoot randomly at innocent people.

Political propaganda often works with abstractions – much like religion does.

By worshipping the 2nd amendment of the US Constitution, for instance – though it has no practical applicability nowadays. It had one then, when everyone, the government included, had access to the same type of weapons. But that was centuries ago.

It makes no sense to say that in this day and age, guns can protect people against the violence of a tyrannical government, which has an arsenal at its disposal, with the ability to blow up someone’s home by pushing a button, with no warning whatsoever.

More than two decades ago, in 1993, when technology hadn’t even advanced to this level, the futility of piling up guns as a means of resistance was proved by the siege at the Branch Davidian compound outside Waco, Texas, where dozens of people were trapped and massacred by government forces. The guns they had amassed were unable to protect them against a tank and chemical weapons which eventually set the whole place on fire. Moreover, their act of buying and amassing guns was what turned them into a target in the first place. However one feels about what they were doing there, as a bona fide religious cult, one can agree they did not deserve to die like that, and that the government can and does act with no scruples, killing people of all ages, including babies, in horrible ways. After detailing what went on in a documentary, to prove the tyranny the US government is capable of, Alex Jones keeps arguing to this day that guns are an effective way of resisting it.

Fair enough, they were brainwashed and their leader was insane, as any leader of this type is. But they did not deserve to die like that, especially the many innocents who had no say about being there.

Fast forward to 2015, in Waco again, there was a mass shooting between two biker gangs, outside a restaurant. Nine dead, 18 wounded and 117 arrested. The place was littered with guns, as many of the participants had come armed. Guns on the pavement, guns on the floor, guns in the toilets. It was an incident waiting to happen. The police took note of the danger of this gathering yet allowed them get on with their business initially. Because of  this gun culture. Now where else in the western world would this be allowed to escalate, with no intervention? Two large gangs, armed to the teeth, gathering to settle a dispute, as the police stood nearby.

On October 1st alone, besides the mass shooting in Las Vegas, 37 other people were killed by guns across the US, each one in a separate incident.

While so many are polarised by taking one political side or another, this keeps happening. Every single day. It doesn’t take a genius or a US citizen to see there is something wrong with refusing to accept that fact.

And that remains a fact, not propaganda, regardless of what political party holds the reins of power.

This post was corrected by removing the part about the Las Vegas shooter’s  presumed links to Antifa – it turns out this too came from Alex Jones.




    It seems that shortly after this tragedy, the media helped prop up a certain narrative, by disseminating a false ISIS claim to the shooting. Any unproven claim attracting the largest number of clicks seems to serve these sharks, causing mass hysteria on top of the natural reaction to the event.

    OCTOBER 4, 2017



    There are voices claiming that an adherence of the shooter to Antifa invalidates the stance of being for gun control, because this guy was presumably a leftist, so in the simple mind’s narrative, if the shooter was leftist, the right must be on the ball about everything, including gun ownership. That is absolutely idiotic.

    An extremist with access to guns, whatever the political persuasion, is an extremist with access to guns.
    Such tragedies can originate from any type of persuasion.

    OCTOBER 4, 2017



2 thoughts on “Waco Should Have Sealed The Gun Debate A Long Time Ago

  1. Just because conspiracies occur, doesn’t mean each and every major act of violence in the U.S. is conspiratorial. Alex Jones is about to have his ass sued off in court for promoting the libel that Sandy Hook parents didn’t lose children to a violent schizophrenic, but rather are “crisis actors” hired to play the part.

    The more they harden their borders to prevent terrorism, the more walls they build, the more they seal in their own paranoid population. It’s a wonder more people aren’t killed by paranoid individuals or those committing suicide by cop, after a mass shooting. Th U.S is deranged from the top down and bottom up.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think so as well. It sounds like a scary place to be in, even as a visitor, never mind living there. Cops tasering and shooting people for no reason, the TSA feeling people’s genitals at the airport etc. With all the paranoid security measures they can’t seem to stop the lunacy. The lunacy comes to Europe on occasion, but it is external; the culture European people are raised in does not encourage violence, let alone terrorism.

      In the US they have a culture of violence, of worshipping war and weapons, especially guns. I grew up with that seeping into my culture through Hollywood – but my daily reality, and that of most people in Europe, cast that aside as a form of eccentricity or entertainment. I can’t imagine what it’s like to live in a place where many – or most – people carry, or have access to firearms. Just any nutter, basically (or someone the nutter can easily steal a gun from; a parent, a relative, an acquaintance).

      Obviously, knife crime is horrible as well. But stabbing one or two people (who have a chance to live if hospitalised in time) does not compare to gunning down dozens or hundreds in the space of minutes.

      I keep hearing – so it must be a real statistic somewhere – that most mass shootings in the US are carried out by local, white nutters, not radical Muslims or anyone else.


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