Face it – if you follow the alternative media, or even the media in general, it’s impossible to get away from the majestic, over-reaching Trump reality show.

Whilst it makes sense to discuss major decisions of his administration, actually affecting people, the rest is just unstopping, unyielding dross.


The content of his plate.

The number of times he golfs.

His relationship with his wife.

The content of the gas he passes.


This guy’s face is plastered onto so many reports we pay attention to. This was never the case before with US presidents, to the same extent. What Trump did gauchely, what he mumbled or what he might’ve implied and what that might mean to the rest of the world – avoiding a disaster or ushering in a catastrophe. People hang on to his every ramble as if it were gold.

I for one am getting sick of it.

He’s a fixture on my wall almost – every bastard day I have to hear countless interpretations of his words and actions. And most of those things amount to nothing in the end.

It’s reality show; a TV show. A distraction meant to keep people engaged and entertained, as they go about their daily lives, getting their fix of the latest Trump trivia. News commentators and comedians have almost turned into court jesters, talking about him 24/7.

I very much agree with David Icke on that.

Many around him are leaking the dynamics of his administration – for which purpose, if not to keep the show going and everyone’s minds busy with the latest whispers ? It’s “Keeping up with the Kardashians” in the White House, day in and day out.

Who knows what goes on unreported in the background, as people speculate on Trump’s personal life, the “working ladies” he hooked up with or his children.