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When Animal Lovers Hate Their Own Species

Don’t get me wrong – many causes along these lines are laudable. Saving endangered species or habitats, promoting better conditions in large farms, preventing mistreatment or exploitation by zoos and circuses – all fine.

However, as the grasp of traditional religions yields, other forms of religiosity have begun to take its place. The extreme of this passion for animals’ rights seems to be a hatred of our own species, going as far as death wishes (or murder threats) when a fellow human fails to comply with fanatics’ newly found criteria for morality.

Best known for that are fine specimens in the vegan “community”, although others don’t lag far behind.


The mourning of St Harambe

(I know I’m using very strong language here but I’m fed up with this trend of getting thousands of coffee break activists to harass a stranger – in this case, half a million of them, including celebrities with a large platform, whom I lost all respect for after they chose to participate in this mass bullying. This type of targeting, virtually overnight, can very well lead some people to suicide.)

At the moment, the US is in uproar about an incident involving a gorilla being shot at a zoo, after a child fell into its enclosure and was dragged by it through the water, being in extreme danger the whole time. Regardless of the intentions said gorilla had, it was a very strong, unpredictable animal, capable of killing or seriously injuring the child. The zoo’s management explained very logically and people with a long expertise in the behaviour of these animals backed up the decision that had to be made instantly. A sad decision, but unavoidable.

As expected, fanatics worked themselves into a frenzy and have now started a petition for the child’s family to be investigated – not out of concern for him per se, but to cause as much turmoil as possible.

The individuals behind this petition will not rest until they  damage lives; they want their witch hunt, their pound of flesh to place on the altar of a dead animal. You see, instead of the barbarism of sacrificing animals to God, as in Biblical times, we, the progressive lot, are now idolising carcasses and sacrificing people to them. We dedicate memorials and art pieces to creatures which would literally urinate on them (that would be incredibly funny to watch).

The sanctimoniousness, the hysteria is only in these people’s heads; it’s self-congratulatory and nothing more.

The number of people signing this, some of them probably without much thought, in order to align themselves with the latest trend on social media, is indeed alarming. The text there was much briefer originally and has now been edited in order to pretend they are not encouraging the hoards to harass that family – although said harassment did take place, at the prompting of these idiots. Such hypocrisy is vomit inducing; they are taking legal precautions now, whilst to start with they encouraged a mob outrage.

I read the petition as they first wrote it, and it can still be seen below the diluted, half-assed disclaimer that it only seeks to help – including the parents, to make sure they have access to resources and support in their family life. Its only – unveiled – goal initially was revenge and it was going for them like a bulldog in attack mode. That cannot be taken back, whatever sweetened variation of it they present now. It’s ludicrous to claim good intentions towards people you caused to be harassed and threatened with murder.

I’m not saying the gorilla’s death is not regrettable – but FFS, have some common sense. Who are they doing all this for? Is the gorilla watching from gorilla heaven? Is there any point? How well did they know this animal, as to be heartbroken by its death?

This is solely a manifestation of some people’s festering hatred of their own species, of their hysteria and desire to persecute others. It is reminiscent of medieval or political trials, where little logic or compassion was employed and the only standard to judge others by was the fanatical dedication to a cause, be it religion, fascism or communism.


Far from disliking animals and from rejecting the hypothesis that they are spiritual in some form, I can’t help noticing the current trend of animal worship and loathing of humans, common not only to “save the planet from us” fanatics but to people from all walks of life. Somehow, instead of rejecting the system we live under, they have started rejecting human nature altogether, although they know that they themselves are not monsters. Over the last few years this type of rhetoric has become very tiresome, if not worrying.

There is an actual debate whether human lives matter more than animal lives.

Here’s my take on some of the memes encountered out there.

Animals don’t lie. Because they can’t talk. Honesty is not something you value very much in your fellow humans, let’s face it.

Animals don’t disappoint you. Except sometimes, when they behave so much like animals (aggressively) that you have to neuter them or put them down mercifully, for not adapting to the rigours of human society.

Animals don’t tear your heart to bits. They might tear off smaller parts though, depending on their strength and their mood that moment. After all, they are unpredictable, as well as we claim to understand them. Certain dog breeds are famous for attacking their owners out of the blue, after spending a few happy years inside their homes.

Animals understand you better than humans. They listen to you. No, fuckwit. They just stand there and gawk at you because you’ve probably locked the door, despite the fact that they can’t bear your winging voice. They have a vested interest in remaining there; they depend on you for sustenance. And more than likely, they can’t twig 90% of what you’re saying anyway.

The animals these fuckwits (I’m only referring to those who claim animals should be prioritised over people) enjoy the company of so much have been domesticated by their fellow humans for hundreds or thousands of years.That is how they warmed up to humans in the first place and imitate human behaviour to some extent.

Try finding that connection with feral animals in the jungle, untouched by morally corrupt human hands. Good luck.

Even the animals which are uncommonly held as pets (reptiles, spiders etc) are also in the homes of these fuckwits because they’ve been studied by humans and declared safe to have around with enough caution. You wouldn’t just grab one from the wild and put it next to your pillow.

The very fact that the fuckwits can have pets is a result of others having tried it before, repeatedly, since the beginning of civilisation. So give me a break. Please.

May I also add that the fuckwits proliferate on how awful and stupid people are on their laptops or phones, which humans invented, from the comfort of their homes, which humans built.

Later edit

Some of the few articles calling this internet mob justice phenomenon for what it is are heavily trolled – they simply could not settle for less; every dissenting voice has to be stifled. It turns out they flooded the mother’s workplace with threats and demands and might stage a protest outside. They want her out of work as well. And all this, remember – because they are so worried about the welfare of her child.There is no end in sight to this just now. Some of these loving hippies have become cannibals.

Yet another edit

Thankfully, common sense prevailed and the petitioning hobbyist who started the witch hunt did not get her pound of flesh. Those who carried out the investigation had more brains and decency than the frothing hordes and no human lives or jobs were lost. The hordes had to pack the popcorn and go home; there was no hanging to watch.

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Long after the canonisation of St Harambe, here’s another case of mass hysteria – 250.000 people in Germany signed a petition for a dog not to be put down after mauling its owners to death. Bred to be very aggressive, the dog attacked its owners (a 52-year-old woman using a wheelchair and her son, who was only 27). They bled to death.

Hundreds even offered to adopt it. For those who are suicidal, surely there are easier ways to go.

APRIL 9, 2018


3 thoughts on “When Animal Lovers Hate Their Own Species

  1. I don’t know any vegans in real life, but from my experience with them in the blog world, you are right–they do adhere to their veganism as if it were a religion. And to some of them, we infidels are worthy of ridicule, at least. I live in rural Texas; animals are a big part of life here. They are kept to be used in one way or another–cattle for food, horses for work, dogs for work and protection, cats to keep mice out of the barns–but they are all generally treated very well. This post is refreshing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you can relate. All of us who grew up in the countryside or live there know that it’s just how things are; there’s a natural balance to all of it. These vegan activists (the most vocal ones anyway) seem to be metropolitan and have too much time to develop their own version of the world. They just seem disconnected.

      Liked by 1 person

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