The Artistry Of Glorified Bullshit

A critical view of groupthink and cult dynamics in today's world

About This Blog

This blog is a work in progress, created with recovered material from

The original site will now only contain satire.

It was created 3 years ago as a platform for ex-members of toxic recovery forums and was expanded to include criticism of groupthink in general, with an emphasis on cult-like dynamics.

To anyone who is still interested in the blog based on its initial subject, and anyone who posted their experiences, please rest assured nothing has been lost; it’s just a matter of getting all the posts back up again. Thank you, as usual, for taking the time to contribute.

Also, to those feeling uneasy (as I know people sometimes do when speaking out about such groups, PF in particular) – all data regarding the previously posted comments, apart from the comments themselves, no longer exists, therefore, if someone wanted to obtain it maliciously, they would not be able to. I know for most people that is besides the point as they would match the comments with a former member if they made that effort, but it does add (at least somewhat) to your privacy, should you be concerned.


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